Sheila E. Fleming

Sheila E. Fleming

National Trainer - WesCourt Advisors

Sheila E. Fleming, a well-rounded professional with a track record for connecting with people to achieve results, created WesCourt Advisors LLC, to Empower, Enlighten, and Enrich the professional and personal lives of her clients.  For the past 30 years, in the areas of education, healthcare, business, and government she has utilized and integrated her communication, marketing, training, business, and teaching skills to design and conduct professional development sessions for both graduate students and clients from various professions.

Sheila has spent her career coaching and training others to engage in purposeful and strategic communication.  She believes communication is process driven and messages must be strategic, organized, and audience-centered for maximum impact.  Her training objectives seek to assist clients in developing a passion for their profession, and, as a result of their passion, inspire their staff, colleagues, and students to reach their full potential; discovering their strengths and areas that need development; learning about themselves and their communication tendencies through self-assessments and continuous development activities; and affecting change in their companies or schools and districts.

Sheila’s dynamic personality, passion for continuous learning, strong communication skills, and her creative approach to connecting with her audience will leave you Empowered, Enlightened, and Enriched!

  • Alternate Project Manager, Government Contractor
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Public Relations Course Author
  • Public Speaking Teacher
  • Communications Faculty
  • Graduate Business Communications Program Faculty